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Help with svg in illustrator

I am a newbie and have quick question. I have some svgs that draw well. I can open them in illustrator and save them (embed and Presentations attributes) and they still draw fine in videoscribe. But as soon as I add something - say a small line using pencil tool (whether on a new layer or not) then when I bring it into videoscribe it draws the line I added then immediately adds the rest of the picture without drawing it. What am I missing? Thanks.

Please attach the SVG if you would like specific feedback.

Sounds like you are using the right tool for the new line and the wrong tool was used for all of the original lines.

Thanks Mike - I think I have sussed it. Indeed I was using the right tool as I could draw new from scratch no problem. I found that if I made my additions then selected everything and then did an Object / Expand then it saved out ok and then it draws ok in VS. Incidentally I had the same problem when I tried it in Inkscape. The original image is attached anyway. Interested to know what problem was as I am unsure what “expand” actually does. Thanks.

This link kind of explains it:

If that is unclear, you can make a small stroked path with a big stroke width, and select it, and zoom in close and use the expand command to see up close what happens.

Thanks for sharing your results

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Ahh - now I see. I think I need to understand illustrator a lot better. Thanks Mike.

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