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Trial and Watermark

I read that the previous trial version wa a logo in bottom corner and has since changed to this watermark now filling the background. 

I am not sure what the benefit of a week trial would be, as I can't publish to social media or website or anywhere, with this distracting and unprofessional background. Therefore, I can't get a sense of viewer interest, hits, number of views, etc. Without out this important information, I won't purchase a subscription, unfortunately. The process to create a video is a time heavy commitment, only to not be able to present a final, polished product for the public without committing to a subscription.

While I have already put a couple hours into my first video project, I will have to stop where I am at. I would be be interested if you went back to your classy corner logo and removed the obnoxious background watermark, so we may post a video to get a sense of viewer reaction.

Thank you for your consideration, potential customer.

Thanks for your feedback. I have passed your comments onto the VideoScribe project manager for consideration.

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