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What happened to V3.2??

I got a notification yesterday letting me know Version 3.2 was ready for download. I was sent to a page that showed all of the updates in the new version. I downloaded and it was version 3.11 again. Now I can't find anything about V3.2. What's up??

Hi Gary,

We haven't released 3.2 yet, it should be ready soon though. Are you able to share a screenshot of the notification that you received? Was it in VideoScribe or did you get an email?

I check the blog on the Videoscribe site often and saw a link there. It showed images of the new updates (menu changes, additions, etc) and then had a link to go to the download page. I downloaded the new version (I thought) late in the afternoon and when I opened the program the next day it was still V3.1.1. The web page was still up on my browser and I read it again. When I closed the page and tried to reopen I got the "Kracken" image page saying it was missing.

Ooops! v3.2 is getting close to release so we are just drafting the release notes ready. Seems we may have inadvertently hit publish. They have now been removed but thanks for making us aware of this. 

Oops we did it again! Found the V3.2 availability screen again and tried to download - It was V3.1.1 I've attached a screen shot this time.

v3.2.jpg v3.2.jpg
2.73 MB

Thanks Gary.

It looks like the blog article was published too soon. The release of version 3.2 has been delayed until next week.

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