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Blurring at end of frame

Hi there, at the end of each frame when there is a slight pause it blurs my image, I have imported my own drawings and the lines are quite thin and it doesn't look great when it blurs it, is there any way to by pass the blur effect as it looks great when it is being drawn, it's just foot that beat afterwards when the whole image is visible.

What is your image quality setting? Try about 1200 or 2000. I do not recommend a setting of 3000 or more as it could cause memory related problems.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

See Improve image quality for instructions on how to change the image import quality setting.

(I also should have specified that I meant "If your setting is currently LOWER than 1200, then try raising it to somewhere in the range of 1200 to 2000.

AND more importantly, after you raise the setting, you will have to delete the image and import it again with the new setting in effect.

-Mike (videoscribe user))

Thank you, I shall try importing the image again & see if it solves the issue, thanks for your help : )

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