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I have created some VideoScribe videos and saved them. The embed code shows them as an http: site. I am trying to call them from within an https: site and it won't let me. Is there a way to save them to an https: site?

I'm just spitballing here:

1) make sure you copy and paste the embed code completely.

2) try adding the "s" to make the video link "https" if you think that might make a difference.

3) make sure the video is not set to "private" on or youtube.

4) paste the web page code here, or a link to the web page that isn't working, if you would like specific help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Currently does not use SSL so can only generate http links. You will not be able to use the embed code to embed the video onto a site that uses SSL (https).

You will need to download the video from as an MP4 and either host it yourself or upload it to a hosting service that provides https embed codes, for example, YouTube.

We are currently working on making the whole site use SSL which will mean it will provide https embed codes that can be used on sites using SSL.

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