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Preview of a font in V3 (RR-888)

Hi, I would like to request the ability to see a preview of a font within text properties in V3, like there was in V2. 

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Hi Mary,

In version 3 of VideoScribe, clicking on 'Manage Fonts' in the text properties will show you the name of each font displayed in that font:

That is helpful & I can view them through this going forward, Thanks!

It would be nice to have it already visible in the drop down section when selecting a font, this way I would have to do less clicking to quickly see a font I already have installed. 

I can report that this feature has been selected for development and is currently scheduled for inclusion in version 3.1.2 of VideoScribe. 3.1.2 currently has a release date of October 3rd.

Just realised we had not updated this... it was implemented in v3.2.1 of VideoScribe 

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