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You cannot use videoscribe on Android devices.

It is no longer supported.

so what should be used for Android
How to download content for video scribe in android

If you want Sparkol to make a new version of videoscribe for android, you can go to the following feature request thread:

Feature request: Videoscribe Anywhere for Android

and click the "Do you like this idea?" link

The VideoScribe app on Android has been discontinued and will no longer work. We are working on a new VideoScribe app that will be usable on Android devices but I cannot say at this time when that will be available.

You may wish to try using StoryPix which is another of our software products which is currently free to use and works in the browser on Android devices.

StoryPix help site.

Can i use videoscribe in tecno L8 Lite it is an android

You cannot use videoscribe on Android devices at this time. Please read all of the previous replies.

Bagaimana cara doenload conten nya.

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