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 I opened my VideoScribe desktop software, but I can´t see my projects, I tried to make a new one and I saved, then I try to go home, but I still have the same problem, its empty.


Hi Luifer,

Sorry for the delay.

I have responded to your support ticket regarding this.

Fixed, thank you!!! you are the best!!!


Good evening Mr. Matthew Cook

I write with reference to complaint made by Luifer Garzon pertaining to the above subject.

Please the issue that happened to Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. Luifer as first narrated above has occurred to me as well and I am at a loss on what your response was on fixing this problem.

Kindly advice as I am at the verge of losing my mind due to the efforts and work-done on my projects which I feel deeply worried about.

Your kind response is deeply appreciated.

Your Customer,

Watosen, W. (Esq.)

 1) Be sure to raise a ticket to get a faster reply from customer support

2) Customer support works during regular UK business hours Monday through Friday

3) Based on what Luifer Garzon wrote, it seems that he was saving projects locally on his work computer then

going home and trying to find them on his home computer. (Locally saved files on one computer cannot be seen on another computer.) Be sure to save projects ONLINE if you wish to access them from multiple devices.

4) If you are exporting projects as .scribe files, be sure to save them locally first before exporting them. I believe that videoscribe creates the .scribe file based on the last locally saved version of the project, rather than saving the current open project (This process may have changed in newer versions of the program- I do not know)

5) With all programs, its probably a good idea to always save a backup or extra copy of files that would take a long time to replicate. Save all files locally AND online, and maybe as a .scribe file too. in case you run into any problems or make mistakes.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)
Mike thanks a lot... The crux of my issue now is that I can neither save locally nor can I find any improvement on my projects when I save directly online. I checked the %appdata%/videoscribedesktop\local store\document directory and the backup file never appears. The worst of it is that the recovery file for my recent projects do not load when imported. I am still fairly new to this and it's depressingly sad for me to face this fate just as I am about to gain traction on my activities. Any ideas what to do here? I just want to be able to save my projects.
Did customer support reply to the ticket you raised?

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