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Rendering freezes.

My rendering process comes to a complete halt after approx. 1/6th is completed. I have a decent i5, 2Gb Graphics Card, 8Gb RAM pc. No other processes running. I only render @720p/30fps AVI format. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I had this problem as well but the recent big fix (3.1.0-5) fixed my problem immediately. Have you installed this fix?

Yes, the fix version (3.1.0-5) is available by logging into the VideoScribe download page. and clicking on the 'Download for Windows' button. The issue did not affect Mac OS users.

Gary and Matthew thank you. I was on the previous version.

I'm rendering right now, the progress bar is running and I'm almost done.

How come a new version pop-up window never appeared for 3.1.0-5 ?

I don't think everyone is having this problem. Videoscribe sent me a direct link to the download page via email.

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