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Multiple images not aligning


I'm trying to create "colouring" in videos.

I've been using Inkscape to create multiple layers of different colours.

When I import the multiple images from Inkscape to video scribe, they do not "stack" or align exactly on top of one another as they are usually different sizes. 

Its quite time consuming and difficult to get each image to where I need them to be manually.

Sorry if I have not explained this as best as possible, I have attached a screen shot of the problem.

I hope its a fairly easy fix :)

image1.png image1.png
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How to create multiple SVG elements that will import in the same relative scale and alignment that they shared in illustrator (or inkscape):

For example if you have 3 images that need to align perfectly:
1) draw them, scale them and align them in AI (or inkscape)
2) use the ellipse tool to make an ellipse that just barely encloses all of the strokes and fills. make it a white filled path with no stroke. change its opacity to 0%, you may want to move it to the back/bottom of the layer stack.
3) when you export the separate SVGs, export the transparent ellipse with each one.
4) when you import them into videoscribe, import them immediately one after the other without changing the camera position. Click "set camera" after importing each one, if you want them all to share the same camera position.

If you did it correctly, the elements should be sized and aligned perfectly and they should share the same center point so they should scale well if you select them all and scale them together.

note: Adding the large ellipse will make the elements import with identical, perfectly aligned bounding boxes. A side effect is that the images will import at a smaller size than they would import without the ellipse. You may have to use a higher import quality setting to keep elements sharp.

second note: instead of an ellipse you could use a hand drawn path that encloses all of your other paths. Don't use a path with 90 degree angled corners (like a rectangle for example) because that can create other problems.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

The easier solution is to use the pen or pencil tool to make basic stroked paths for your black line art (instead of the paintbrush or caligraphy brush or any other kind of tapered effect). Then just include your color layers in the same SVG with the line art. 

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike, Me again ... I follow your steps in photoshop and illustrator ... but when I run the images on videoscribe the hand draws white and doesn’t show the drawing I created in PS.. am I missing a step 來? Sorry to bother! Thank you!

If you attach the image that has the problem , someone may be able to take a look at it for you.

Has anyone figured this out? I tried all steps mentioned above and the color layers still import over the trace layers an insanely annoying smidge out of place.

please attach the images if you want specific help

I manage to align the different svg files( one for line art and one for color, easier to work with Only two) I followed Mike’s instructions to create the two files; adding an oval shape that cover the whole image in a 0 opacity layer in illustrators. Import one after the next in videoscribe without moving the camera or the image, the select both and resize... what i notice is if you change the duration, transition or other attribute of one of the images the two images wouldn’t align for some reason.. so I make a change to one image ( let say move the duration from 8 seconds to 4) I change the attributes to the other and they align again for some reason.

Thanks! This appears to have worked. What a relief :).

My recommendation is to create a videoscribe file for each image later you combine them in premier or final cut .... I spend more time correcting the problems in my project caused by videoscribe than actually creating something is a frustrating program.. still got a long way to go ..

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