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image importing error. the image turns blue and disappears

Hello all, 

I'm facing some problems with my video scribe. When I add an image the picture minimizes and it turns blue in the timeline and it disappears on the whiteboard

Previously saved projects, some of the pictures minimize and turn blue. I close it and start again then all is well. But it happens again and again. It is almost the regular problem now. The image quality 1000px. Can you help?

Maybe this:


We have discovered an issue with the recent 3.1.0-4 release version on Windows (Mac users are unaffected) and we have replaced it with a fixed update. The released version had a capped memory limit of 2GB and can cause issues such as failing on rendering, crashing and freezing, sluggish performance and any other issues related to high memory usage.

The fixed version (3.1.0-5) can be downloaded from here:

All Windows users of version 3.1.0 should make sure they have installed the 3.1.0-5 update.

See this blog post for more information about this issue."

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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