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EquationSVGEditor 2 is released. With this free software you can create your own math equations for videoscribe. It supports Latex commands, making it straightforward to import a *.tex file and write it to (multiple) svg file(s). 

It took me half a year spare time to get this Latex in, as there are many symbols, and many ways to get things on the screen.

As it is a windows based program, the OSX users can not use it directly, which is regretful. The program was written in Delphi Tokyo, and if any of you have the ability to port Delphi Vcl to Delphi Firemonkey (via Mida) let me know, as in that case I think the porting to OSX is not too difficult.

You can download the program from: 

EquationEditorSVG home page

In the zip file you'll find the program and some files to read, such as the manual.

Have Fun.

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Thanks Otto for making this software available to the VideoScribe community.

Disclaimer: We like this software, and it has performed well during ordinary use, but we have not undertaken any in-depth testing and we have not checked it for the presence of malware or any potentially harmful behaviour, so you download and use it at your own risk and we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage it may cause.

HI Otto, 

Thank you for the efforts in including a latex maths to svg tool for videoscribe. Many of us you use VS for teaching technical topics have been frustrated by the lack of such builtin functionality.

I look forward to testing EquationSVGEditor 2. 

However, the google drive link appears not to be working!

The link is working! My browser had being blocking the popup.

Have just down loaded the zip folder.

Will get time to test this next week. 

Looking forward to your feedback, I expected some issues as latex has many options and it is difficult to know if I got most of them covered.

The inclusion of latex maths in the equation editor is working great - well done! 

As a user, I really like the fact that we can type (or indeed paste) latex code directly into the editor or simply import a latex file.

I performed a few initial tests and the resulting svg equations are importing and animating fine in videoscribe. The entire process took less than a minute. I was using long multi-line equations and the animated strokes are very natural.

Since I started using videoscibe almost 3 years ago, I have been waiting in hope for such a feature where technical maths could be animated in videos. Up to now, the workaround of having to manual trace strokes atop of equation images was pushing me away from videoscribe to the point where I was about to let my subscription lapse and switch to the old fashioned camera above paper approach.

Hence, I hope videoscribe send you plaudits for your efforts in bringing this important functionality which will bring subsequent subscriber revenues from the likes of this university lecturer :)


At the moment I am running the equation editor and indeed videoscribe on a Linux operating system.

I am also a Mac user so I would second your suggestion to port to OSX.

A minor issue here with using large denominators in equations:


While small denominators look fine, there are alignment issues with larger content as per the second example above.

Not a major issue though.

I have installed your EquationSVG editor on a Mac using the WineBottler app. The basic functionality i have tested so far is all fine. So perhaps porting the software to OSX is no longer necessary! 



I had a good look in the source and changed it a bit, so the alignment should be better now.


I changed the drawing of the = sign, to make it more in agreement with the - and+ sign. 

You can download the new version. 

EquationSVGEditor 2 is perfect to give a correct path for equation compatible to videoscribe.  However, important problem is how to use the Latin modern font which is standard for most of the paper. Would you please teach me on it? Thank you so much

The difficulty with fonts is that you have stroke fonts (so some curved lines making up the font) and outline fonts (a double outline with  a filling inside). With a real pen you can draw stroke fonts, but outline fonts are much harder. So you understand that it is not straight forward to get an outline drawn nicely in videoscribe. Have a look when you import  a font like Latin modern in videoscribe, and see how some text is actually drawn. I did discover some possibilties to get this solved and am adding this to the next version. I do hope to finish that coding in a couple of months, asmy full time payed work is demanding at this stage in the corona time. If you want the current version equationSVGEditor to use this latin modern font, you need to define this yourself in the font editor part. It means that you have to redraw each character (like I made all the other characters). If you really want to do this let me know at my gmail address.

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