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Image Upload Freezes VideoScribe

Not sure if this is just my computer, or a glitch in the software.

Let's say you have uploaded an SVG, set it to draw or fade in, or whatever

Later on, you click on that image and go to image properties.

You then choose select image.

If you select a .JPG or other non-SVG image, the software freezes.

It "should" upload the new image then force you to choose draw or reveal, since the previous properties were not for this file type.

But instead, on my computer, it just freezes.

if you close videoscribe and open it back up and add one SVG then try to replace it with a JPG do you still see the same problem? Or is it a problem specific to your other project?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I've just tested replacing an image library SVG set to draw, one set to move in and one set to fade-in and they have swapped out to JPG images uploaded fine for me. 

The image imports and then loads the options when you can choose the draw/move-in options for the image as it would with a standard import.

It could be the specific JPG you are bringing in is huge so don't forget to Optimise your images.

If the issue persists let us know and we can turn this forum into a support ticket for you and take a closer look at the specific scribe project.


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