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Reveal option for SVG's

Some color SVG's don't draw well.

So I have a black outline SVG I draw first...

Then I use a color JPG of the same design with the reveal feature, to make it look like I am coloring in the item I just drew.

This would take a lot less memory if I could simply use the color SVG I have, and had the same "reveal" option I have with JPG's

Can you be more specific about how the color SVG is not working correctly?

Or attach the SVG if you want help identify what is wrong with it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)




This gives a better look of a SINGLE LINE DRAW, followed by having the drawing colored in.

It is a very simple problem. With SVG's I can Draw, Morph, or Move In.

However, I cannot do the same kind of Draw/Reveal that I can with a JPG.

How difficult could it be to have an option to have the SVG "reveal" from top left corner, to bottom right corner, just like we can with a JPG?

Oh I see. You have decided to use the paintbrush tool to make slightly tapered lines, and that is why you are getting the undesirable outline effect .

The simplest, fastest method is to use the pen or pencil tool for your line art and make an SVG that includes the line art, color layers, and reveal strokes in one file. The lines will be drawn correctly, not outlined, in Videoscribe.

If you use the paintbrush tool you can get get tapered lines, but you have to spend more time making and aligning multiple files in videoscribe with extra reveal strokes.If you really like the tapered lines better,  you just have to weigh that against all of the extra work involved.

seperate note: If you use color filled paths instead of embedded JPGs, you may save yourself some headaches when all of your larger file sizes start causing freezes or other bugs.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Using whole point stroke widths and specific SVG save settings are also key in avoiding what we here at Sparkol call colour bleed. See our Create your own images and Lines of SVGs thicken when drawn help pages for some specific settings to bear in mind when creating SVGs. Mike's Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update) is also a great read for hints and tips.

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