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Videos not working in wordpress / divi theme


I created 2 videos and saved them as AVI to my pc but when i upload them to my wordpress/divi website i am creating, the video is broken and doesn't play.

I converted the video to mp4 but also same problem. It only worked in webm format which very annoying because i lose a lot of quality here

any idea how this could be solved??

thank you

If you provide links to your website with the videos in place, someone might be able to help you identify the problem.

Have you considered uploading the videos to youtube and embedding the youtube code on your site?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


This is the link of the website:

but i am using the "webm" version of the files to make them work on the website. 

Please find attached an image of the error while creating the website to see the error in place.

The video (mp4 or avi formats) in the video model is shown as broken, while applying it as a background (mp4 or avi formats) also creates the error shown the second half of the image.

 i created two sections just for you to see it the error on a live page:

directly below the contact form..

thank you

Just a quick update: i tested this on Microsoft Edge and the videos work fine. So i guess it is a compatibility issue???

Please test if on chrome as well as i am creating the website on chrome.

webm is not provided or supported by videoscribe. If the problem is with webm, then it has nothing to do with videoscribe, and it may be difficult to find a solution on videoscribe's forum.  You may want to contact the makers or distributors of webm or whatever conversion software you used.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hello Mike, 

You obviously misunderstood my point. 

I converted the avi and mp4 versions (WHICH ARE NOT WORKING IN CHROME on all devices) to webm in order to make the videos work (i tested with more than 2 videos)

The problem is with the videos saved directly with videoscribe. On chrome browser on all devices, they are not working.

Thank you for clarifying.

Hi Mohamed,

Are you able to try rendering your scribe to, downloading the MP4 scribe video from and then embedding that into your Wordpress site? Instructions for rendering your scribe to can be found in the article Render and share scribes.

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