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How can I keep the green guy in place, fading out all the others?



BTW how can I edit my post? Topic is misspelled. :)

Hi ,

Here's what I would do:

1) If its an SVG, include all of the people icons in the same svg in inkscape or illustrator. The people should be black stroked paths and the green one should be black stroked and green filled.

2) To make it so that both images will line up perfectly when imported, we add a background shape to make bomake a white filled rectangle with rounded corners with 100% opacity that is big enough to cover all the people. If you use illustrator there is a rounded rectangle tool. If you use inkscape, instructions are here:  (rounding the corners of the rectangle prevents a possible bug that might cause videoscribe to add a black outline to your white rectangle)

3) make that white rectangle the background (bottom layer) of your SVG, with all of the people icons above/inside it

5) now save your first SVG. We'll refer to this as "first.svg" but you can name it whatever you want.

6) then delete all of the people except the green one and save it again as "second.svg" (or whatever you want). Be sure to still include the white background.

7) import them both into videoscribe without moving the camera or elements in between imports. They should be perfectly lined up.

8) select both imported images, set the camera position for both together , scale and move them both together as desired.

9) The first one can be set to "draw" or "move-in" or "fade-in". The second one should be set to "fade in". I prefer a fade-in time of .3 or .5 seconds

10) If my instructions made sense, you should be able to play the video preview and see the whole group of people appear and then everyone except the green person should fade away to white

Unfortunately, we no longer have the ability to edit our posts in this forum. It is an important functionality that Sparkol should probably figure out a way to restore.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

OK, understood. But what makes first SVG dissapear?  Scenes are stacking. I can't fade out the rest 99 people without a scribble.


maybe i should create a custom scribble with a pocket for the green guy to stay intact (if this is posibble). Something like a "mask" to fade out all the people but him. 

I hope that makes sense

Sounds like you made the white background 100% transparent instead of 100% opaque. Both of your svgs (or at least the second one) should have a 100% opaque white background . The second SVG hides the first one 100%

Or you could do what you described. Whichever is easier.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The "mask" worked. I isolated the green guy. Filled white with the bucket in the bounding box. The guy remained visible.

I morphed into it . Thats it.

Here is the video


Thanks for your help Mike. The bounding box tip was very important.

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