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Helvetica Bold and other Fonts Missing

Hi Sparkol,

I was playing around with Fonts and I came across a major issue. I deleted the Helvetica Bold font I had in my Managed fonts, with the intention of re-adding the font back into my Managed fonts. However, I noticed Helvetica bold is no longer in the list of fonts I can add. This is a big problem because a majority of my past videos are in the Helvetica Bold font. I also noticed that there were missing fonts that I had from an old version of Videoscribe that are not present anymore under the current version.

Is there a way to re-add the Helvetica Bold font?

Thank you,


Videoscribe will import whatever fonts are on your computer. Install Helvetica Bold on your computer.

Or open a scribe that has that font in it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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