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VideoScribe will not launch

 After I log in, all I get is a screen with the triangle - it doesn't do anything after that - I have had this account for a long time and never had this issue.

Is it an old, no longer supported version?
What version number?

Pc? Mac? other?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

  I am using version 3.0.9003 - Windows 7 PC

It was a proxy issue - reset and it's working fine now. Thanks!

good job! Thanks for sharing your solution.

I just downloaded the iPad app a few days ago - spent a really long time making the video and it’s not loading to the site - it just says processing. I made this for a grad school assignment - Help!,,,

 You may want to raise a ticket.

Are you trying to publish a video to youtube? Facebook?

Are you trying to upload a .scribe file to some other site?

Saving a project to the cloud folder?

Or something else?

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