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Simple features needed on the Project screen: rename and "last modified"

When I view the Project screen in VideoScribe 3.0.9, two very simple features seem to be missing:

1. Renaming a scribe. Currently, the only way to do it (I think) is to load a scribe (which takes a long time), save it under a new name, then return to the Project screen and delete the original scribe. Cumbersome.

2. Finding the scribe you last worked on, i.e., sorting scribes by last-modified time.  I'm very surprised that the "Recent Scribes" link sorts the scribes by CREATION time. This is really bad if you create multiple versions of the same scribe by copying... because ALL the copies have the same creation date!

Every filesystem I've ever used (Mac, Windows, Linux) lets you rename and sort by last-modified time. It would be great if VideoScribe did too. Or am I missing something? Thanks.

The sorting options in the upper right corner of the project screen allow you to sort by most recently modified.

Rename would be very useful I think it used to be a right-click menu option in older versions but I'm not sure.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for the tip! I didn't notice the dropdown in the upper right.

Now, if VideoScribe also displayed the last-modified date for each video (instead of, or in addition to, the created date), that would be awesome.

I've logged this with our developers - display last modified date for each scribe on the projects screen. It will be considered for inclusion in a future release.


 2 years later and still the only way to rename a scribe is by loading it? seriously!

And can someone please explain what the point of that edit button is, all it does is show you two fields you cant edit and a tick for opening file, which I could do by just clicking on the scribe?

Also, how can we rename folders?

This has to be the worst UI for handling files I  have come across in my life.


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