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Rotate image from a corner handle

instead of center. Image center is the pivot point of the rotation and corners are ideal for a more precise and easy rotation. I would suggest one corner point for rotation and the three others for scaling. Center point for dragging.

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Its hard to rotate close to the center.

Try this: Click and hold down the mouse button on the rotate icon. While holding down the mouse button,  drag the cursor several inches away from the center of the element. Once you get further away from the center you can drag/rotate very effectively without the darn thing flipping around.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Mike, the problem with clicking the center then dragging horizontally before rotating is, VSB does not allow for a perfectly horizontal drag, so by the time the cursor is away from the center the image the image has already moved considerably. I'm sure you use Illustrator. Its rotate tool allows the user to set an arbitrary center of rotation (anywhere on the artboard), then freely move the cursor to a new location before starting the rotation process. This provides very precise rotation control. I know VSB is not Illustrator. It just needs to up its game a bit on basic editing capabilities.

I have found that if an element is on the canvas and not already rotated, you can click and hold the mouse button down on the rotate handle, move the cursor to the right and the element will stay more or less horizontal. You can then move the mouse clockwise or anti-clockwise and the element will rotate.

If an element has already been rotated, you need to click and hold the mouse button down on the rotate handle and move the mouse towards the edge of the element that would be to the right if the element were not rotated. For example, an image has been rotated 90˚ clockwise so that the right hand edge of the image is now at the bottom. If you wanted to rotate this image again you would click and hold the mouse button down on the rotate handle and move the mouse pointer down before moving the mouse clockwise or anti-clockwise to rotate it.

I agree that there could be improvements on how this works and have logged this with our developers for future consideration.

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