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Upload to YouTube as "Unlisted"

I appreciate the improved export options.

Is there a way to set the access level to "Unlisted" or "Private" by default from VideoScribe?

Perhaps that is a YouTube preference.


Here are instructions to set YouTube upload preferences:

It seems as though the video will be uploaded to YouTube as public from VideoScribe even after changing the upload preference setting on YouTube.

The setting that is changed in the article you linked to is for setting defaults for videos you upload through your web browser.

It's not possible to change the upload visibility of a scribe rendered directly to YouTube from VideoScribe; it will be posted as public.

If you would like the video to be listed as private or unlisted, you would need to log into your YouTube account to change this.

If you are a Pro subscriber, you can render your scribe as a video file and upload to YouTube manually through your browser. When you upload it manually, the default will be selected but you can choose the privacy setting before you upload.

You're right and that's really too bad. I don't want client work to be exposed as "Public" on YouTube even for a short time. Too bad not to be able to use this time-saving feature. Why does VideoScribe choose to override my YouTube account settings?

VideoScribe hasn't chosen to override your account settings. There is an option in your YouTube account to change the default privacy setting for videos uploaded via your browser but not one for uploads from connected apps. This is the default and cannot be changed.

If you would like to see the ability to select the privacy setting for videos uploaded to YouTube from VideoScribe, please add it as a feature request.

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