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Problem on saving videos through your VideoScribe.

I have done everything for making a video through your videoscribe app, it's good. But Finally when I'm going to save or extract that video on Dropbox,it shows me error.I'm unable to save the video,plz give me a proper solution.thank u.

Hi Sanjib,

None of our currently supported apps contain a Dropbox upload feature. There was this feature in an older version but that version is no longer supported. The Dropbox functionality will not work. 

What app are you using? What version is it and what device are you using it on?

VideoScribe app I'm using. Version:2.0.3 mobile/tablet by sparkol My Device :Yu Direka plus/YU-5510A. Please help me...Thank u.

Yes, that is an older version of the VideoScribe app for mobile devices that is no longer available and no longer supported. The Dropbox functionality will no longer work.

We do not currently have a VideoScribe app available for Android.

Please admin work on videoscribe andriod version application. As soon as possible. It could be very much demanding. Thank you.
What is the version of your new videoscribe app for Android? Give me the download link plz! Sir Thank u.

There is no new app for android.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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