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Text issue

The text appears in my test video quite jumpy:

Is this just the way videoscribe shows text appearing?

It starts to write the text and then the text suddenly appears very suddenly. Particularly on the"H" and "M".

 No it shouldn't do that.

1) Are you using the text tool or an SVG with text in it?

2) if you are using the text tool, have you tried a different font?

3) if you are making an SVG with text in it, attach the svg

-Mike (videoscribe user)

hi mike

I'm using the text tool in videoscribe. I changed the font to use videoscribes "Basic Font". It seems to be doing to the same jerky effect on "H" and "A" see here: 

Also im using videoscribe version 3.0.9

I tested it at a similar slow speed and I can confirm that I see the same problem with the H and the A using the basic font in version 3.0.9-3.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

ah ok, must be a quirk of the software. i guess if i do it a lot faster it will be less noticeable. 

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