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Suggestion after update 3.09

Hi, I just started using the new update and I like it a lot. The interface looks more clean and logical. I do run into a few things that might be better, though:

1. When I choose lettering, it always gives me the default "basic" font. In the last version I used, the font stayed the one that was chosen last, and this feels more logical to me.

2. I would love an option to set a default "hand", so I don't have to go and change it again for each element.

Other than that, so far, I like it!

Oops! Just found the way to set default "hand". So ignore that! :)

Could you do the same for font?

Yes, we will be making a change in the next version of VideoScribe and the last selected font will automatically be chosen for the next text element added.

Hello, I have the same problem on the fonts with the 3.5.2 version. Please help this is very time consuming. 

Thanks a lot

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