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Version 3 is terrible is every way

I hate to say this, but as someone who makes a living from making videoscribe videos I've found version 3 to be many steps back over v2.3.7 that I was using earlier. 

Firstly, apart from the fade in feature, there is no new feature. Apart from that, the button layout has been completely changed. 

The images show up mixed with both the free and premium images, instead of it being ordered previously. The bottom bar usually hides some text, so you can never be too sure about where the border of the previous screen ends. 

For the last element, the arrow keys cover the + sign of the animate function.

The program runs much slower compared to the last version. The images load much slower too. 

Overall, I'm extremely disappointed with this. The previous version was much better, and I'm going to roll back. 

Hope someone is reading these posts. 

Hi Yusuf,

We genuinely appreciate your honest feedback; I have passed this onto our design and development teams and it will be taken into consideration when deciding on ways to improve the software.

The free images will appear first in the list, followed by the premium images. You can also check the box to only show premium images.

What do you mean by "the bottom bar usually hides some text"? If you mean that the size of the canvas when previewing your scribe is slightly smaller than when you preview and render the scribe; we are aware of this and a fix is currently being worked on. If that's not what you mean, please let me know.

Regarding the arrow keys covering part of the popup menu; we are working on removing the popup menu and placing the edit options into the timeline thumbnail (as it was in version 2).

Both of the above are in development and will be included in the next version of VideoScribe.

We are also working on performance enhancements which should also be included in the next version.

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