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Who here edits on premiere after Videoscribe? Audio quality problems

So, I use videoscribe and I normally just render there and upload.

The audio quality is perfect this way.

But if I need to make any more fancy editing and it needs to go through premiere the audio quality becomes horrible.

I already tried changing the sequence configuration to 44khz as someone sugested but nothing changed

I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help?

Ps: the audio isn't just bad after I render, it's imediatelly when I drag to premiere. (and it keeps this way after rendering)

My sequence settings (in case it's helpful):

Looks like it is a common problem in Premiere. Might be multiple causes and solutions:

(an internet search will return many more results)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

That's why I'd like to know if anyone here experiences the same with videoscribe files.

I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro for the last two years to edit the animated videos that my team make using Videoscribe. I have never faced any such problem. Here is one of such animated videos in which audio quality is perfect:

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