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Writting speed not constant

Hello,I am facing a problem with the writting speed of software.My client has requested to write the whole script in the video and just animate last few lines but I am unable to do this because- 1.Software don't draw the complete sentence last few words of each sentence just appear suddenly without writting. 2.I tried increasing the Animation time as much was possible but software can't draw during this duration. e.g. I tried to divide the paragraph into sentences the voice was of 5 second for that sentence I put the Animation time to 5 second but software can't draw last word because it doesn't increase the speed in initial words. 3.I have also tried Pause effect or transition effects but no solution Please provide specific solution
I'm just a user.

Drawing large amounts of text is a terrible use of videoscribe, and is very tedious for the viewer...but sometimes the customer wants something like that.

Based on what I have read in previous threads, Videoscribe can only draw text up to a certain speed. If you set a shorter time than the optimal time, the last few words may just appear without being drawn.

You can try rendering the video to see if the finished video draws better than the preview...

I would recommend something better. Take some ideas from this:

You don't have to animate each individual word. Break the whole script into individual sentences or phrases. Keep everything large and easy to read. use a .1 draw time to make sentences appear quickly with no drawing hand. Even if you use whole sentences and phrases instead of individual words, and only about 10% as many camera movements, you can make the video more interesting to watch with some color and large easy-to-read blurbs.

You might also want to try out Storypix which is free with your videoscribe subscription.

-Mike (videsocribe user)

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