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Drag multiple thumbnails at once in timeline? (RR-782)

I thought this was possible, but it does not work for me (v 3.0.9). Is it broken?

No this is not possible. You can only drag one element at a time in the timeline.

Please make it possible.

I have logged this with our development team and it will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

The ability to select and move multiple elements in the timeline is a mission critical update. As it stands, revising some scribes to reorder elements is a massive (almost impossible) undertaking.

+1000 to this idea for development. I found forum posts requesting this dating back to 2014.

We can move multiple items in the timeline with cut and paste. However, a drawback is that the animation type becomes "draw" for all elements that we cut and paste.

 Note to support/developers: please fix cut and paste to retain the correct animation type (draw, morph, move in, fade in)

We do have this logged as a bug - where the animate type defaults to 'Draw' on pasted elements. I have added this forum thread to the bug report for our developers.

That's excellent to hear. Copy paste would be a strong substitute for multiple drag and drop in the timeline once that issue is fixed.

Thanks for the information!

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