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want to morph an image but it dont show in morph tool area

have a picture in screen and move to another ,go to morph that image and it's not in morph tool area, how can I add an  image into morph tool area

General morph tips for videoscribe version 3:
1) You cannot morph text
2) You cannot choose the morph option for the first image in the timeline.
3) The morph option is located in the image properties> "drawing options" tab.
4) In your morph settings, you should see a series of small thumbnails representing images in your timeline that you can select as the start image for your morph.
5) If you cannot find the source image that you want to morph from... here's the trick: There are two or more barely noticeable grayed-out circles under the thumbnails. click each of those circles to browse the available source images and find the one you want."

If that doesn't answer your question, provide a screenshot and explain the problem in more detail.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Mike Thanks saw thise little dots after a bit.lmao hard to see up all goid Thanks mate!

HI I don't see the morph option in the images setting could you help?


click on the dropdown menu that currently says "Draw", then use the scrollbar on the dropdown list if necessary to scroll down to the "Morph" option.

related link: Instant Answers:morph-images

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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