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Best way to update imported SVG

Inevitably, image need to be updated. Since VS does not auto-update file or link to files on disk what is the most efficient way to update an existing image (SVG)? Is it to:

  1. Right-click a placed image
  2. Choose "Properties"
  3. Click "Select Image
  4. Delete Old image
  5. Click "import" icon (Bottom, left)
  6. Select new image
  7. Double-click or select image and Click "Open"

8 steps to update an image that's already in the presentation?

You can replace an image in 4 steps

1. Double click on an existing image on the canvas (to open it's properties)

2. Choose 'Select Image'

3. Click the Import icon

4. Select the new image by double clicking on it

I find in most cases I also want to delete the old image because it is obsolete. I'd like to see an option for this to be automatic. This would streamline the process. Yes, I'll add it to the "Suggestion" forum.

When you replace an image, the old image is automatically deleted.

oh maybe you mean from the recently used images screen as opposed to the timeline?

Yes, that's what I mean. I assume these are saved with the file and I don't want them left around.


The Recently Used images are not saved with any work files. Videoscribe temporarily remembers the last 200 images used, the oldest one is automatically deleted each time a new one is added.


I believe you can right click one of them and choose "clear history" (or whatever the current wording is) to delete all of them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

You can also delete individual images from your recently used history by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail of the image you would like to remove and clicking the cross icon that appears.

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