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Alternative to VideoScribe, VideoMakerFX, or Easy Sketch Pro

Hey, all! 

I've been trying to find a good program, like one of the above, that will run strictly on [Mint] Linux.I simply cannot find a good White Board Animation program that works on Linux. The only thing remotely close is Open Sankore, but from the video demos I've seen on Youtube, and what I've tried to do, there's nothing like Easy Sketch Pro 3. VideoScribe, VideoMakerFX.I've tried to just run VideoMakerFX in Virtual Box, but the memory to run the video, especially the rendering, is too high, and causes my laptop to over heat, and shut down. I haven't had any luck with either WINE or PlayOnLinux. I was thinking about trying Easy Sketch Pro, as it doesn't need a monthly/yearly subscription, but I don't want to buy it, and find out it doesn't work on Linux. Since I do a good bit of video work, it's one of the main reasons I'm still using Windows.Any programs out there, that can do like one of these programs, that will work on any version of Linux?

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