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No GPU rendering released yet. Why?

Rendering is taking ridiculous amount of time even though I have a fair GPU because it uses nothing but the CPU and that too not more than 50%.

Why is it taking a long time for the VS team to update the rendering technology?

Will there be any difference in 1080p quality if I render online because the output is MP4? I wanna use for YouTube and I need max quality.

Please help.

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Duplicate feature requests

This topic has been merged with another similar topic USE MORE CPU or GPU power to Render!!!.

The feature request has been sent to our developers for consideration for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

The MP4 output from uses more compression than the local rendering options. The file size of the MP4 will be much smaller because of this. The MP4 rendered via is fixed at 25 fps. You could create a short test scribe and publish to to see if the MP4 meets your requirements in terms of quality.

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