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Batch Image Upload to Remain in 'Recently Used' images

I love that I can batch upload SVG images, but what's super frustrating is that once I place one of the batch uploaded images, then go back to the library to place another, they've all disappeared. They don't remain in the library any where that I can find, not even in 'recently used' images, even though they were all recently uploaded. It would be brilliant if I could batch upload my SVGs and once they're uploaded, have access to them in recently used images. Maybe that's step one to creating a custom library of images? Just a thought.



Hello Melissa, we already have a feature request very similar to this so I would recommend lending your support to that one - If you like the original post it counts as a vote for that feature.

At the moment if you pick a .zip file of SVGs on import it loads them to the application in the preview so you can browse that zip file in VideoScribe. However, it will only add the image you actually pick and add to the canvas to your recently used list. 


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