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svg file image and color create inkscape not match in videoscribe

please help me !!!

i don't known why ? I tried .hope somebody can help me this problem . thank you !

If you want help with an SVG image, please attach the SVG image and explain what's wrong with it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The problem has been resolved.

1 I installed another version of inkscape

2 import svg files continuously

no timeout

thanks for trying to help me. Mike

hello Mike

how can i adjust the drawing speed for evenly

When I draw a circle, it's too fast

compared to other curves

please help me

test.svg test.svg
5.24 KB
The curvy line has about 28 anchor points and the circle only has 4. Paths with more anchor points (and, presumably, anchor points with longer handles) get a larger percentage of the draw time.

One solution is to use the pen tool in to add more anchor points to your circle.

-Mike (Videoscribe user)


Yes thank you

I have another question

is there a way to set up

  to draw

the same length

at anchor points

use the pen tool

in inkscape

I don't understand the question.


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