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Need to re-download Videoscribe but can't error

Hi I downloaded videoscribe onto an external harddrive but it broke about 2 days ago. I can't access the application. I tried re-downloading it onto the main hard drive but it keeps saying Invalid drive. 

Can I please get some help? 


(note: You may be confusing the term "download" with the term "install".
download means to copy a file from another computer onto your computer.
install means to setup a program so it is ready for use.)

If you have a C: drive, try installing videoscribe on your C: drive instead of your G: drive

Also, if you are trying to run the installation file directly from videoscribe's servers, don't do that. Download the installation file to your computer first, then run it from your computer.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)

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