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How do I know what scenes I have?

Hi ...

Sorry if this is obvious, and I'm being a bit dumb, but is there a way to know what scenes I have, and where the camera is located for those scenes?

Watching the tutorials, and working on my first presentation, it looks as if I have to manage this information in my storyboard (I'm using Scapple).  I can see my elements along the bottom of VideoScribe, and change individual element of group settings, but I haven't figured out a way to show the scenes, other than running through the animation.

What am I missing, and how do other people manage this?

Thanks in advance.


There is no indicator in the timeline for scenes but to take the camera to the position set for an element, select it in the timeline and then click again on the timeline element. The camera will move to the current position set for that element.

Thanks for the tip, Matthew, I can at least recreate a scene now, by seeing where the camera is set for a particular scene.

This begs the question, how do I copy the camera setup in a scene for recreating it in a later scene?  For example, in the tutorials, the camera opens in scene 1 with the woman suffering with her IT issue, and the same camera position is used in scene 3, when the text is erased and a business card proffered.  Subtle shifts in canvas (camera) position, as well as zoom settings will mean that the scene isn't set up the same.

It seems to me that, from a workflow perspective, the storyboard needs to be worked out to some degree before beginning in VideoScribe.  I'm curious to hear from people how they're doing it.

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