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If you are having probems and can't fix

I downloaded the recent version of VS (3.09) and within a minute of use was having issues. The blue line followed me wherever I went.  Been using video scribe for years but I couldn't find a solution so I put a help ticket in. The Sparokol folks gave the logical solutions but they didn't work. Did one more test to see if I could fix but no go so I uninstalled and installed an older version so I could complete my project.

Things settled down so it was time to give the new version another shot. Loaded it but there as that blue line. So I ignored it and tried to continue working on my gig and there were all kinds of issues cropping up. I was ready to give up but decided to sleep on it.

Woke up with new vigor and I decided to do a clean install of new version. Backed up the scribes I was working on, wiped out VS, and reinstalled it. Nothing was on my project screen so I was starting from scratched. Uploaded my backups and everything was working perfectly.

SOLUTION: or at least my best guess. If you are a heavy user of VS, you may of installed and deleted tons of things over time (fonts, new versions, etc) over the years. I think something got corrupted. A clean install cleaned out the garbage that was giving the new version of VS a fit.

INPUT: Wow, the new version is nice. It now seems to handle most memory issues with ease. I just got done completely a huge file with no issues. IF I HAD ONE COMPLAINT IT WOULD BE that the Animation and Pause is not together and right up font on the interface. If you do voice overs, those two features are used a lot and the have to dig down to get he Pause feature is annoying.

That's it. Not sure anyone had an issue with the new version. If you did you may want to try a clean install. Make sure you backup the scribes you want to keep before you do because they will be all wiped out after doing a clean install.


sorry for the typos above....I wish I could edit but I guess you can't


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