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Certificate Validity Error

Hello I am Videoscribe paid customer. From yesterday whenever I am trying to open Videoscribe Desktop App, I am getting an error message saying "The internet site you are about to view uses a certificate that has expired or is not yet valid. Do you wish to proceed?" and when I click yes it opens the app and again start giving same error. Today I got 223 continue annoying popups. So I had to close the app from control panel. Its saying certificate validity is end. valid from 4/8/2016-4/8/2018 I have attached a Error message screen shot with certificate.

Same to me as well

An error message appeared recently when loading VideoScribe or Tawe to advise you that the SSL certificate is invalid.

We can confirm this error has been resolved and you will be able to log into VideoScribe or Tawe as usual.

We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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