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Loss of preferences when you cut and paste (RR-782)

My company uses a small animation at the end of every video we create. I have created a scribe file with just this video. When I copy and paste into another video, each individual image looses it's preferences like "fade" and "morph" and reverts to the "draw" setting. I then have to go back in and change everything back.

Is there a way to hold all of the preferences I have set? All of the time preferences remain intact. If there is not would this be a possibility on future releases of VideoScribe?

Thank you.

I can understand why morph images would be set to draw when pasted as they rely on another element in the timeline to morph from and that element may not be copied as well. I cannot see any reason why move-in or fade elements should revert to 'draw' when pasted so I have raised this with our developers.

In this instance the image used to morph from is copied over as well. There aren't but 4 elements in this particular animation.

Yes, we have not discovered how to keep the reference to the morph from image when pasting elements, so for now Morph elements (and all other elements) are set to draw when pasted.

I have added this to the development report.

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