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Videoscribe work VERY BADLY

Hi, good morning,


I've recorded a video showing you the bugs he has videoscribe.

I forgot to point out that it doesn't have the possibility to render in mp4 yet and you promised me that a year ago and 60FPS!!!


Videoscribe is working very badly, the video:


I hope you'll work it out because if I don't, I'm not gonna buy another year.






Publishing to sho co gives you an mp4 file to download. So does youtube.

I'm not sure if there is any plan to offer 60 FPS or 120fps or more. Maybe as 60 FPS becomes more common or more popular.

Each new version tends to bring new features and some new bugs that eventually get resolved. There are definitely a few bugs with overlapping tools and menus with the current version. If the bugs outweigh the benefits, you could use an older version until the menus are updated.

You can list your other complaints if you want to know about possible solutions. I'm not going to sit through 8:45 of un-narrated video to try to figure out what you don't like.

-Mike (videoscribe users)


Hi Mike,

to listen the video you have to donwload it.

I hope that update soon and fix these errors....

I get no audio even if I download it and raise the volume to maximum.

can you delete the link int he #1 comment for this?


I've updated the link in the original post with the new link.

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