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Cannot login to Desktop App on windows 10 Pro

I can login in to the desktop app with windows 7 pro, but not Windows 10 Pro. When I try on my windows 10 pro machine, I get a response of "That login information didn't work. Please try again"

Does anyone know of a known issue or fix?

I'm using it on windows 10 pro with no problems...but you might be right that there is a bug that hasn't been experienced by other users.

However the most likely problem is capslock is on, or numlock is off, or there is an extra space before or after your login info, or you just typed it wrong. try deleting the whole email and password and retyping them completely with the caps lock off and make sure any numbers are also being entered successsfully.

It may sound like nonsense but it happens to the best of us!


I can not login in to the desktop app with windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1. Why?

 I googled that for you:

you might be able to find additional solutions with a web search.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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