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arabic letters separated alpha ??

Thank you for adding Arabic font and I would like to let you know that letters in Arabic come connected not separated as what is happening now. this an example, when writing my name Khalid it should appears like this خالد all letters are connected to each other but once it is inserted in your program it will appears like this د ل ا خ


Please try to fix this soon to get the opportunity to use this wonderful program. Thank you





i Have same problem like Khalid, when in type arabic it can show that it writes from left to right but we have to write from right to left. as it shows separated alpha bit,,,, i need to to be linked .... i did all what you explain but still i have this problem...


Dear we have paid money for your program and i don't use it because the problem did not solve yet

Yes, we are aware of this issue and due to the way VideoScribe handles text - each letter is a separate image - it is difficult to implement but something we will be tackling in future.

Please see the blog post Scribing Tip – How to get Arabic words to draw well for instructions on how to create your text as an SVG that will draw well in VideoScribe.

Thanks Matthew for your reply, i know it`s not your fault but i`m paying for this i expect there is way to write Arabic from the software... SVG is not easy thing to do and it does take time to do it :( what shall i do? 

There is no other way to have Arabic text draw in VideoScribe. Either the text can be added as text element but the letters will be separated or you can add the text as an SVG.

Good thing I did not buy the app yet then.

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