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how to re-establish connection to internet in Videoscribe

I'm having an issue where I have this big videoscribe (14 minutes long - 1.3GB when downloaded to my laptop at 600 size) and the process of opening the file from the landing page after login takes a good five-10 minutes and seems to kill the internet connection which means then: 

a. I can't load up to the sparklecloud

b. I get an error when trying to upload to "there's been a technical Error"

c. I can't add to the video from online templated pictures/music etc

all of which basically blocks me completing my job.

I can still open the file and work on it but videoscribe no longer has the internet connection (evidenced amongst other things by clicking the music symbol and seeing if any music is offered to include in the video). 

I've tried loading small files and no issue it's just the big file which seems to kill connection and cause all the errors.

can anyone help? how do I reconnect to the internet once it's lost? is there any other way than closing the app down and restarting it (which doesn't work as per the above issue)

thanks in advance need to sort it before end of bank holiday easter weekend!!

I doubt that you can complete a 14 minute scribe project in one piece unless you reeeeeeeeally know how to optimize things for videoscribe.

My suggestion is to open videoscribe, set the globae quality setting as low as it will go (400 I think) then open the huge project, delete the second half to get it down to about 7 minutes, then save it with a new name like "file name part 1 (so you don't overwrite the big ass file of the whole project). then close it and open the whole big ass project again, and delete the other half and save it with a new name like "filename part2"  then close it and change the global image quality setting back to about 800 or 1000. Then open and render the two parts separately and use any video editing program to join the two parts.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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