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Can't save my Scribe online

Hi all,

I've created a scribe which is pretty long and heavy, and I can't save it online, even after trying over and over again to restart it:


I am afraid to lose the file and I would definitely like to back it up on my Sparkol cloud.

How can it be done other than the usual method?

Thank you!


There are a few things to try to get things working again.

First of all save your scribe locally, in VideoScribe, using the tick/checkmark icon in the 'Save scribe' window.

Then try saving the scribe online again after restarting VideoScribe. You can try saving the scribe online from the projects screen (without opening it on the canvas) by right clicking and choosing 'Save Online (Cloud)' from the menu.

Other things to try:

Saving the scribe online (from the projects screen) after restarting your computer.

Try again after rebooting your router.

Thank you Matthew!

Saving directly from projects screen was helpful and worked. I also found an "export to file" option there, which allowed me to save a .scribe file and store it on another cloud.

Does saving to the cloud include the drawings themselves? Does exporting to a file include the drawings themselves? 

Thank you again,


If you save a scribe to the cloud and open it in VideoScribe on another computer, all of the images, text and audio will load up. The same is true when you export the scribe as a .scribe file. You wouldn't be able to open the images as images in another application, from a scribe save online or exported as a .scribe file.

Great, thank you!

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