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Move single image without moving all other images


I am wanting to move one image to another position on screen without impacting the position of other images. 

I know this has been discussed previously, but differing from that I am wanting to know whether I am able to set the position of an image and move the other image whilst having both these images with the 'drawn' setting rather than 'move in' or 'morph' as I do not like either of these. 


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copied and pasted from another thread:

"Barry Radford
On Fri, 16 Mar, 2018 at 4:28 PM Admin

Hey, just thought I'd let you know we are going to be actively working on a second move option very soon. This would allow you to move an item already on the canvas to another location (including out of the view of the camera). We have some ambitious new plans for v3.1 of the software and this is on that list at the moment.  We'll see how development progress goes in the coming weeks and fingers crossed this will make that release."


ehm... that plan didn't make it? 

This feature has been re-scheduled for release in VideoScribe version 3.4 which currently has a provisional release date of March, 2019.

Is this done? Has it been fixed? Causing lots of problems and I'm a new user...doubling my creation time.

Not yet, a few other features moved up the priority list and we've put other things into the latest update -

I'll merge this topic in with the main feature request forum post for this and put an update there as I am sure the people watching that will apprecaite and update.

Duplicate conversations.

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