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Moving the hand in rather than appearing

Anyone know if there's a way to have the hand coming in from the side before it draws rather than just appearing?

By that I mean the same effect as when the hand moves an object into shot, but holding a pen instead and not moving an image with it.

There is no built in feature that does it automatically.

If you make your own SVG images, you can include a stroked path with an opacity of 0% as your first path leading toward the first line of your drawing. It will be invisible in videoscribe but the hand will still follow that path when the drawing starts.

Videoscribe is designed to emulate the look of traditionally recorded timelapse whiteboard video drawings.
If the appearance of the hand is noticeable or distracting, then perhaps your animation/drawing times are too slow/long.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for taking the time to reply Mike, I'll give your suggestion a go. It's really appreciated.

Even with timelapse, I would still expect even half a second of a hand arriving in shot. Plus the preset to have an image moving in (rather than drawing) already has the hand arriving in shot. It just feels more of a natural start.

All timelapses have different requirements in terms of pace/length depending on what the content and requirements are. We sometimes integrate Videoscribes into videos which have other types of elements such as 3D models, 2D animation and even live action.

What a fantastic tip! It would be cool if the hand could ease in and out, but adding the line to the front of the image is a stroke of genius! Thanks!

Mike is a genius, I'll 2nd that!


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