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Images -Cost

Hello - I have a Sparkol account. Why is there a cost associated with so many of the images? I am disappointed that in some cases, almost all of the images are attached to a fee.

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Sparkol's images are free to all users. Those images do not have a color tag on them. I believe there are thousands of them.

Additional images, uploaded by professional artists, are for sale at prices selected by the artists. Those images have a red tag. I'm guessing all of the artists are videoscribe users, although that may not be a requirement. 

Artists also have an option to upload images for free use. I think those have a green tag.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


I remember reading that after becoming a subscriber of videoScribe,  those red tagged images will be free for the paid subscribers.  It is very disappointing to see that one still have to pay for the tagged images.

On the VideoScribe purchasing page it advises that Premium images are an extra cost and not included in the subscription itself. 

You need a subscription to have the option of making these additional purchases. It also advises in the free trial that you cannot buy premium images without a Sparkol Pro subscription. 

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