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1920 x 1080 Image / Fill Screen

So as a temp fix to having my own background / paper I'm importing a 1920 x 1080 image as the first frame, then adding text.  However I need this first frame to fill the space exactly so there is not JUMP when I bring it back into my video timeline.  Is there a way, without MANUALLY stretching the image to fill the screen so I KNOW it is 1920 x 1080 when I render / save / export. 

There is no option to input a height and width to perfectly fit an image to exactly 100% of the canvas, so that the videoscribe video will perfectly match a video made in another program.

It is "possible" that videoscribe imports the image at an exact percentage of the canvas size (like maybe 50 or 60%) If that's the case, after you import your background image maybe if you zoom in a particular percentage such as 200% of example, you might be able to match the image size to the canvas size exactly. That's just a theory, and it would only work if the image is imported perfectly centered, and the required zoom percentage happens to be a whole number (I think).

Even if that works,  you will probably still have to deal with a color difference between two different programs.

If possible, I would suggest that you get the background image as close to the exact size as possible, then start the videoscribe with a slight zoom in and end it with a zoom out back to the original camera position. Incorporation a camera move at the beginning and end of the video clip will hid any slight misalignment or slight color shift.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Maybe I didn't make it clear.
When you're in a video editing program you can grab a "screen shot" of still of the current frame.
That SIZE will always be the same size of your current project settings, so 1920 x 1080 jpg.
I want to import that image... and make sure it fills the 1920 x 1080 output of videoscribe.
As of now... you have to lock the camera...
Then DRAG the size out to hopefully fill that correctly.
It would be real nice if there was a FILL SCREEN / 100% click.
Basically I'm having to do this since there is no option for a "background image" or a way to use a JPG as paper. (and export as wmv)
I'm kind of shocked that this can't be done.
It's a great effect for most video production.
i.e. - Freeze the video and then have a hand write the text vs. just a title appear.


I understood the problem. Maybe my reply was unclear.


In other words it can't be done

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