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Link for remote viewing of draft?

I work remotely. Is there a way to send a link to the draft VideoScribe to a client without having to download the entire file or upload to a hosting platform? It sure would make things easier.

Hi Wilma,

There is no way achieve this directly through the program other than exporting the scribe and sending it to the client.

If you don't want to send the whole scribe, you can select the elements you need from the timeline, create a new scribe and then paste the selected elements into the new scribe.

This will save you from using the entire file.

Please see further details on merging here:

(Wilma, keep in mind that if you send a client a.scribe file, you are basically sending them your work files and they will need an active videoscribe account and the videoscribe software to view it. Publishing to youtube as an unlisted video or uploading a video file to dropbox would probably be better options.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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