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Hands writes slowly and not the entire word


When a hand writes something first it just writes a couple of letters for example: "beautiful" it only writes "bea" and the other letters just appear. Second the movement of the hand is very unnatural as if it is made with a slow camera even if I put only 2 seconds for writing a word. When I see Videoscribe Videos in youtube it does not happen, the movement is very dynamic. I have to use the option of writing without hand. Its a shame because I like the hand. What can be wrong? 

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

Does the issue happen when you have only 1 text element on your scribe and you write 1 single word in that text element? Or does it only happen on a scribe where you already have lots of other elements on the canvas?

Now it works perfectly. I suppose you have fixed it because I do not have any problems. The hand moves fast and it writes all the letters of the words. Thank you very much.

Hi! I have exactly the same problem and it happens when I have one or multiple elements on my scribe (basically always). How can I solve it? Thanks

Does the problem happen only when previewing the project in videoscribe or does it also happen in the finished video file? Is the problem only with text elements or drawings as well?   How long is the animation time for the text and how many letters are being drawn during that time?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

It happens both when previewing the project and in the final file. It also happens both in text and drawings. It does not matter how long is the text nor the time, I have tried multiple combinations and the problem persists.

I'm not familiar with that being a known symptom based on your description.

If you have a project with at least 5 elements displaying all of those problems and you save it as a .scribe file and attach it here, someone could have a look at it.  A link to a video on youtube would help too.

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